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March 21, 2010


Maxwell Horse

Random rant time: Even though I'm technically ignorant in such matters, I'm someone who has come to be obsessed with cinematography (and/or how the "digital revolution" is slowly killing any beauty said field of cinematography used to regularly convey). So the new Sox commercials cause mixed emotions for me. It's fun to watch the players try to act and convey comedy/drama and stuff, but it's painful to see them shot in a way so cheap and ugly that it makes those Olympia cab driver ads look lush in comparison.

Man, remember after they won it all in 2004 and then in 2005 they had that slick clothing store ad that so many of them participated in? (I remember Ortiz, Francona and Millar although I can't remember the store. It was the one that ended with Millar's infectious laugh.) That was great. That was a "real" commercial shot on film that made the players look cool. (I feel similarly about the Damon/Theo Dunkin Donuts commercial of the same year, or the more recent Papelbon commercials after 2007. All good.) By comparison the new team commercials look as professional as the average Youtube vlog upload.

Damn, remember when commercials and shows looked like they were shot by professionals instead of by kids with first generation webcams? (Don't get me started on the newest Foxwoods ad.)


Foxwood's and Mohegan Sun ads are completely psychological torture, although I say that in a musical sense, rather than the visual, which I don't have much of a background in.

I think a lot of marketers think YouTube-like "realness" is what the kids like these days.

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