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August 11, 2009


maxwell horse

I'll bet a lot of people thought (perhaps a little too wishfully) of that previous moment as well. I sure thought of it as soon as Bay hit his homerun.

I must say, tonight's game was definitely the most "interesting" of the year. If I may go contrary to the theme of this post, I have to speculate that:

(a) The pitch that hit Cabrera was a complete accident. He basically turned into it and made absolutely no attempt to get out of the way. It really wasn't even that far inside. It was also ridiculous how after Cabrera was taken from the game, he then took his place in the dugout and seemed intent on trying to look as victimized and pouty as possible--shooting sulking, woeful lasers out onto the field with his eyes. (Prompting from me, "Oh, come on, now!")

(b) The pitch at Youk was completely intentional. Porcello might've done it on his own to show what a "stand up" guy he is, but it was intentional.

And the disturbing way Porcello was spewing incendiaries at the crowd and bobbing like a rooster toward them as he was being escorted off the field didn't do much to bolster his image as a innocent cherub. (Honestly, I could imagine similar gesticulations from a bad guy hood from the universe of Grease or West Side Story. He was just missing the leather jacket.) True, this isn't smoking gun evidence as to intent with the pitch, but it still was disturbing to see.


Porcello was yelling at the umpires, not the fans. And why wouldn't he be angry? He just got ejected. This was the first time Porcello showed any loss of composure so far this season, and trying to compare him to a movie "hood" is ridiculous. You obviously don't follow the Tigers or their players very closely.

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