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August 19, 2008



A great summary! I was only half paying attention through this, so I'm glad you were able to fill in the holes of what went down. Bizarre and completely entertaining. I would expect no less from the Red Sox.


I was watching on MLB.tv, which was carrying the Orioles feed, not the NESN feed. They showed some chatting between Pedroia and the 1st base ump and then the jaw-jackin' between Pedroia and the home plate ump. (By the way...he definitely went around).

There was nothing about Coco and a fan. I had no idea anything was going on there at all.

Which is why NESN > MASN. Show us what's going on, people. Remember the pizza slice thing?


I thought Dustin got tossed because as he was walking past the home plate ump, he turned his head and said "You all suck!" Which was awesome.

Then when the O's fan was led out into the waiting arms of the police, I had to wonder- do you think Camden Yards has its own special jail, or did that guy share a cell with Bubbles last night?


@ julia, ha! but bubbles is clean and off the street now - more like sharing a cell with wee-bey. :)

yeah, the "you all suck" (actually I believe the exact quote was "you all fucking suck") came after that first mighty FUCK that he let out at the warning track, so i sorta paraphrased it in this post.

@ bloggy - but notice also don's ref to a suspension - i don't think tracking fans like that / commenting on their activities is necessarily 'done', though i'd say the fan's interaction with a player in the dugout made him more fair game...


I was under the impression that the suspension might be given to Pedroia for "flagrant disrespect to an entire fucking umping team" or some such. I never considered that an announce team (and associated camera crew) might take a rip for that.

maxwell horse

Wait, now I'm all confused. The possible suspension that Don mentioned--who was he referring to? Is Pedroia potentially going to be suspended?

(BTW, there was one camera shot where you could read Dustin's lips perfectly: "What? F**k you! That's f**king horse***t!")


the remy / orsillo talk of suspension happened a long time after pedroia was gone, directly after they showed the kid getting kicked out and remy went on his little rant about what an ass he was. i assumed they were referring to that, not pedroia. haven't heard anythign about pedroia getting a suspension, and i think we would have by now.


I'd always thought of Crisp as a mild-mannered gent. That is until I saw him tangle with Tampa Bay's Big Jim Shields.

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