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May 07, 2008



Tonight was pretty gross. Lugo's dead to me. Gagne, the next generation. I'm so over him. So, so over him.


maxwell horse

I keep seeing people (Not Beth, but other people) say that the loss was all on Papelbon (as opposed to Lugo). Their reasoning for that conclusion is that Papelbon clearly didn't have his best stuff (missed a lot of his spots). Well, damnit, he's not ALWAYS going to have his best stuff. That doesn't mean it's a given that he will blow those saves, or that he deserves to blow those saves.

The fact is, even though he didn't have his best stuff, he still was good enough to get this save. As was noted by Eck in the postgame, every single "hit" by the Tigers in the 9th was some cheap, lucky, bloop piece of crap, so it's not like Papelbon was getting hammered. It really took a perfect storm of the little things to cause Papelbon to blow this save.

The only thing that's keeping me from really hating Lugo right now is the knowledge that everyone else is hating Lugo right now and calling for his head. In fact, part of me sort of feels sorry for him right now.


It's hard for me to remember despising some one in a Red Sox uniform as much as this guy. Truly. Maybe Grady Little. Ok, definitely Grady Little, but just by a hair.


maxwell, you're speaking to the biggest papelbon apologist on the internet. of COURSE i don't put the blame on him. :)

in my admittedly biased opinion, as blown saves go, that was pretty cheap. even jonathan himself has blown saves in more spectacular and definite fashion than that. but as errors go, that one from lugo was pretty egregious.

dave, i realize you might be intending hyperbole, and i'm hatin' on julio as much as the next person today, but don't forget edgar renteria when he was in a sox uni. :)

Evan Brunell

Good timing for me to write that articl, eh?


totally. it was a nice piece. :)


"The fact is, even though he didn't have his best stuff"

Where does this come from? The best hit ball was a routine grounder. Checked swing excuse me swings, shattered bat bloopers. His stuff was great. Just wasn't his night.


first of all, that they even made contact tells you he didn't have his best stuff. secondly, he ran up higher pitch counts and was way further outside the strike zone than he normally is. note that this isn't meant to say he out and out sucked - but for HIM, he was not 'on'.

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