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March 18, 2008



Thank you again, Beth.

My favorite moment is in the bottom of the fifth. The crowd really wakes up for the last time as a couple of singles put runners at the corners with two out. And Beckett just looks like he ABSOLUTELY doesn't care or notice. Then he strikes out Cabrera. While the score was still 2-1. I think that's an important fact about this game...how close it was most of the time Beckett was pitching. The final score might lead you to believe he was good, but his offense helped him all the way, but he really kept Cleveland down until the Sox put a hurtin' on Sabathia late.

Also fun...error by Beckett in the sixth(maybe the seventh?) vs. Lofton. Utterly unshaken, gets last two outs. Yeah, what I really loved about this game was Beckett never bowing to pressure of the macro or micro variety.

I feel like Beckett deserves more internet adulation than he seems to get for what was a historic postseason.


well, if it's internet adulation for josh beckett you want, you've come to the right blog. :)


Point of bragging: I watched Game 5 with my Dad, and after the Indians tied it in the bottom of the first, he started calling Beckett some choice words. I told him point blank, "that's all Cleveland's going to get tonight," and I completely believed it. By the third inning, he believed it too. :)

Beckett's whole 2007 was pretty magical, but Game 5...Game 5 just seems to encapsulate everything that he is. And I share your sentiment that I could watch that game over and over and over and never tire of it. Just absolutely breathtaking.

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