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February 27, 2008



YES!! Tito is an excellent manager and perfect for Boston and the Sox. Who else could maintain this long and win this much in this town? Yes, he has had talent. But he has also had a lot of "personalities" to go along with the talent. Manny, Schill, JD, Pap etc. I'm not sure anyone else could have kept this group on point for this long and win this much in this town. GREAT job, Tito. GO SOX!!


I don't know that most of us could hack four years on the hot seat in this town

I'm betting most of us couldn't hack four hours.

Tito has that great, slightly snarky sense of humour which allows him to keep his sanity in a town like Boston, where everything he does is second-guessed by about a billion Sox fans. He knows that what he does is taken seriously by a lot of people, but he doesn't always take himself seriously, which allows him to absorb a lot of the flak that would otherwise be directed at his players.

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