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November 12, 2007



*wild applause* Best Dustin Article Ever. Seriously, thank you for this.


I'm linking to this at Respect The Tek, by the way, hope that's cool! I have not yet mastered the trackback thingamajig.

Texas Gal

So I liked this guy all year, then started to love him when he barked out at Carmona back in July after getting drilled, and then more in September when he jokingly told Sports Illustrated he couldn't read just to wind them up.

But what finally sent me over the edge into full-on baseball boyfriend levels of admiration was when he was interviewed after the Sox went down 3-1 against Cleveland in the ALCS, and he recommended that anyone on the team who needed a "spark" should drink a Red Bull and get over it- and that he didn't give a sh*t what anyone said, he knew he was hitting the ball well. Knowing now that he was hitting with a broken hand? Yeah, he's pretty much solid gold.


thanks dionysus! caroline, of COURSE it's ok for you to link and i thank you. TG, dustin is def one of those "grow on you" kind of guys, but when he does, look out!

one of the best pedroia quotes i've heard recently was when i was having a general sox conversation with a dude i know at work and pedroia came up, and this guy's response was, "that kid's an animal. i would HATE to fight that kid." the guy in question is like 6' 3" easily, but he went into all the details of exactly why he would hate to fight dustin pedroia.

it's safe to say DP sparks people's imaginations. :)

jenny again

i fell for this kid WAY back in april when he was hitting a buck-seventy. it was because he came out rockin' the high socks in baltimore and i'd just driven down from western mass for the game and that was it, i was smitten. apparently i chose well. ;D

i loved it when he got all in papelbon's space (as referenced above). such a key indication of dustin's character and charisma. rookies. hee. LOVE HIM. SO MUCH.

i also love what you do here. thanks for taking the time to share your keen insights! you've made me a loyal reader!


Me too, re: linking to this post ... terrific! I love it that the hot stove conversation is already well underway ...

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