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October 06, 2007


Louis Gray

An incredible finish to a great game. We were watching here in California, and we exploded when Manny hit his shot. Here in the Bay Area, we hate the Angels just about as much as you hate the Yankees, and good triumphed over evil last night.

Speaking of evil... Stephen King is a legend in our time - one of the ten people I would love to meet before I die. An incredible talent and amazingly prolific. That he's such an ardent baseball fan makes things all the better.

Nice recap.


Glory, glory, hallelujah, the truth of the Red Sox marches on!

Or something like that . . . what a game . . . I'd like another like that, please (and then, dare I ask, for eight more).


By the way, that picture is just awesome. I missed it on boston.com, thanks for highlighting it!


It amazes me how eloquent you can be after such emotional games. Me? I'm generally reduced to one or two sentences if I'm lucky.

"That homerun was was an absolute BOMB! Manny is AWESOME!!"

See? Your version is much better. :)

Up 2-0! Time for Schilling to lead us to the sweep and the ALCS.

Texas Gal

First of all, anyone who doesn't like Stephen King is a dirty pinko commie and thoroughly un-American. I may be biased on this point.

Secondly, A-MAZ-ING. Seriously, the game, the win, the homerun, the crowd, the atmosphere, everything.

Finally, Papelbon was crazy electric last night. In addition to fist-pumping five or six times as he left the mound in the 8th, he fist-pumped again as he entered the dugout in what I like to call "the mother of all fist-pumps"- it was like a whole year's worth of fistpumps rolled into one majestic gesture. And I'm pretty sure he hollered "FUCK YEAH" as he did so- at least, it looked that way from where I sat.


Did anyone see Shaunessey's column this morning in the Globe (or boston.com). I can't read it, what is he thinking, doesn't he know that superstitions mean something in this game?

I'm sooooo revvved for Curt this afternoon. I was initially pissed he was dropped to #3, but honestly, there is no one I'd rather have out there today than Curt -- not matter if we're up 2-0, down 0-2, or the series is tied. 38 Rox!


I'm not reading Shaughnessy at all until December; I feel like that's the safest way to roll.

What is there to say besides a Papelbonian "fuck yeah!"?


Speaking of Stephen King, Beth, have you written anything I could read - published or not - b/c this time (as in the past) I got chills. You're a great writer. and btw, this waiting almost a week for the next game really really sucks. but I'm not complaining.

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