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October 26, 2007



1). There is no one like Schill. I want him back next year, and $13 mill doesn't seem like too much to ask (unless he decides his body can't take it, and after this run, he might make that decision).

2). Dave Roberts was asked to come and throw out the first pitch, but he was evacuated from his house in San Diego, and chose to stay there, with his family, and deal with that crisis. I hope everything turns out OK for him (and everyone else).

3). Byrnes makes me want to gag. I'm tired of Joe Buck "schilling" every 5 minutes (although the McCarver line "from schilling to Schilling" made me want to kiss the old idiot (for an instant, anyway)). Tomorrow, I'll probably give up on FOX announcing, turn down the volume, and turn up the radio. Hopefully, there won't be a 5 sec. delay problem.

4). I loved every second of last nights game, and didn't even get drowsy. Of course, that meant when it ended, and even after the "post-game" and all of the interviews, I still couldn't sleep. Thank goodness tonight is an off night.

5). Have I mentioned how much I love Curt?


Thank you for posting that screenshot of Papelbon. I've been searching for that look for two weeks. Given how famous it is, you'd think there'd be more pics out on the Intarnetz.


(Once again, FOX failed to show the grand entrance. I just despise them so much at this point, it's not even funny)

Speaking of which -- I will never EVER forgive Fox for not showing me Papelbon's reaction to the successful pick.

Dave Roberts

The Red Sox look unstoppable right now. Baseball is a game of hot streaks. It looks like Rocktober has come to a hault, and now it's Soxtober time, baby!


Woohoo, Byrnes won't be appearing in Denver. The downside, FOX is bringing in Joe - Sox Hater - Girardi. Better get over it Joe, if you're going to manage the Yanks next year.

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