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October 30, 2007



Manny sure can wear a suit, huh?

I think the best photo of that whole set is the one with Oki looking on (with Parley the parrot on his shoulder). But each one is about pure joy. I don't know what I am going to think about once this week is over.

I didn't know that the parade was going down Cambridge St., but apparently they passed by Geoff's office twice. So he got to see the parade AND work today. I had to choose.


Hello, I have an amazing image of the very spot you have at the top of this post, circa 2004 Rolling Rally. Would love to send you the picture as it perfectly sums up how times change in three years. Please let me know if there is an appropriate way to get this to you.


I wish I could've been there. But I watched it on NESN (twice!) and have been feverishly looking at photos on Boston.com, Yahoo and SoSH all day.

I'm not the least bit surprised Beckett chickened out; frankly, I'm not sure I'd want to get within ten feet of Papelbon when he's jigging either. Or maybe there just wasn't enough room for Josh on the flatbed? (This is the explanation I keep telling myself.) But at least he addressed the pre-parade crowd at Fenway and actually kind of sort of smiled and chuckled a bit when asked what he did to celebrate in Colorado. ("Drank a few beers" he claims...sounds like it was a bit more than that.) [Sigh] I don't know what to do with him some days...

2007 World Series Champions. This is heaven, right?

(P.S. Tim Wakefield is clearly in one of your photos--upper left of the one you labeled "Curt.")


And look. at his fucking. suit.

Apparently, the Holiday Inn in Denver called Manny, asking if they could get their curtains back. ;-)

There we were. Just us and our team.

I should feel really jealous, but I'm just happy that you got to be there. Sweet...

Texas Gal

I am so glad you got to be there! Thanks for sharing the stories and the photos.


Beth, I was right across the street from you, under the vertical Loews Theater sign! See my galleries on my blog for what you would've seen from the other side...


Also, note, I have two galleries up. The first one has real photos as opposed to the video stills in the second one. And to answer your question, Beckett was there, on Wake and Schill's duck, and I have a shot of him up there in the part with the real photos.


I love Shill and it is a shame it didn't happen with the Phillies.

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