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October 03, 2007



That was a truly mindblowing performance. He had exceptional fastball command tonight and a really, really good hook. I counted just two hanging curveballs, but the Angels didn't (or couldn't) do anything with them. And he was ahead of everyone! How many 3-ball counts did he get to--two? Three maybe? Even against a hacking club like the Angels, that's very difficult to do. Just strike after strike after strike.

I have no idea how it's possible for one guy to have three CG shutouts in only six (!) career postseason starts, but Beckett's done it. Just...wow. Amazing.

I also have no idea how he can possibly top that, but if he really was "reining himself in", than I almost feel sorry for his next opponent (if the Sox advance). Almost.

maxwell horse

I actually found myself hating the TBS coverage. I think the reason why the Fenway crowd seemed subdued might be because TBS didn't mic them all that well. (This is not my own original material. The posters at SOSH observed as much, and I think maybe they're right.)

I also decided I hate (I'm full of hate) the ridiculously staggered post-season scheduling. It sort of takes much of the tension and drama out of the post-season. I mean, we finally come back from a long break to start the post-season. Then we get the Beckett gem. And then..... thud. Back to an off day. You know?

On a more upbeat note: Francona's press conference after the game seemed hilarious. Like he was losing patience extra fast with those reporters.

Coco's post game comments availabe at the NESN website: THIS is why I like this guy. Yeah, his defense is awesome, but it's his affable personality that makes him one of the most easy-to-like players (for me) on the team.


Hey Beth - I was at the game and the fans sure seemed into it for me. I also heard that TBS didn't mic the crowd so maybe it sounded a little lame on TV?


probably. but that hadn't occurred to me before writing this post. also it was a general sense i had about the players--they all seemed so calm and josh in particular looked like he was stifling himself a little bit. i dunno, maybe it's also Grownup Josh and he's now above the fist-pumping and cursing stage, but i was pretty disappointed at his lack of antics.

so i guess it might have been just me pouting. :)


Holy Toledo Beth. Love the site, spot on about ol' Becks, but I noticed Halos Heaven in your 'Currently Reading'. WhyTF would you subject yourself to that garbage? :)

As always, keep giving us all those wonderful words we love.


ha ha, glad someone picked up on that. the "currently reading" feed is from my del.icio.us bookmarks, and sometimes i bookmark stuff there so i can go back to it later. i had been toying with the idea of linking to that piece so i could sic my readers on him, but after struggling with the stupid comment system over there i realized it prob. wouldn't have the intended effect. but it remained in my bookmarks.

that said, i do think that if a few enterprising sox fans happen to pick up on that, head over and read how we're apparently all "sociopathic alcoholic white supremacists", they'll still find a way to let them know about it. :)

then again, what josh beckett did to their team might be revenge enough. :)

also, i don't read halos heaven frequently. http://www.overthemonster.com/>over the monster is the one i first saw link that post and address their ridiculous trash talk.


...I might "know" the very person who linked to that post. :)


oh! whoops, just realized this is allen...:)


Heh. No biggie. I disguised myself. Honestly, it's been kind of eye-popping to see how the fans over there see Sox fans. I mean. I think they all met, at once, the worst example of "Red Sox Nation", who aside from the hat he/she wore, could have been the worst example of any fanbase, including the Angels.

That blog ends up being the butt of a lot of jokes on the (very high quality) other AL West team blogs over there. A LOT of jokes.

maxwell horse

8:00 PM. Okay, so I just switched to TBS to catch the end of the Yankees game, and I have to ask... Why is Joba Chamberlain being consumed by locusts?

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