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August 21, 2007


maxwell horse

I think Okajima's just tired. He's been overworked. I pray that:

a) He still has enough "juice" left in him to be effective in the post-season.

And, b) That he isn't going to be permanently damaged from this abuse. Not only would it be a shame if he couldn't be at his best for the next few years for the Sox. But it would just be criminal if a guy with his native ability and potential gets his career of awesomeness shortchanged because Francona unwittingly ran him into the ground this one season.


The Providence Journal's write-up of the game has this funny passage. (I don't know how to do italics, so just pretend the following is in italics, or indented or something):

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The first pitch Jonathan Papelbon threw to Jonny Gomes with a man on and the Red Sox clinging to a two-run lead in the eighth inning last night dipped and moved away from the Tampa Bay designated hitter.

Gomes was fooled badly. He waved at the ball and missed it by a few feet.

And that, Boston Red Sox fans, was the debut of a new pitch Papelbon says he has developed. He calls it a “slutter.”

“It’s a cross between a slider and a cutter,” insisted Papelbon. “It’s not a true slider. It’s not a true cutter. When I throw it, I don’t pronate (downward twisting motion with his fingers) when I let the ball go. I leave my palm (up). I kind of cut the ball. That’s the angle it comes out.”


Fellow reliever Kyle Snyder was getting dressed at the locker next to Papelbon’s at Tropicana Field after the Red Sox ... [snip]

“It’s a slider,” said Snyder, shaking his head with a bemused look on his face.

Catcher Jason Varitek was equally amused when he heard about the pitch he had caught from Papelbon.

“Whatever, Pap,” said a smiling Varitek. “Just throw the ball, Pap.”


Apparently John-John can now consider himself a member of my Pitcher Binky Club, which at the rate I'm going will be quite the teeming multitude by the time we hit the playoffs.

You're pretty much already at the point where it's quicker to list the non-members than it is the members, aren't you? ;-)


“Whatever, Pap,” said a smiling Varitek. “Just throw the ball, Pap.”

LMAO! i love it.

i bet he just likes saying "slutter".


The Slutter. Too awesome to comprehend.


It just seemed to happen all at once, but now we've got "the slutter" (all anyone could talk about around the office today), Mike Mussina and the Yankees going down in a ball of flame out in Anaheim, and most awesomely the following passage from a Gordon Edes game recap

Not forgetting the "Pirates of the Caribbean"...

Texas Gal

Because I know you would appreciate- I've got video of the slutter pitch from last night, and Papyboo's pregame interview on the slutter up.

And I also demand to know where this stuffed parrot was on Saturday night- I have one million pictures looking down into the bullpen, and there's nary a parrot to be found!

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