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August 06, 2007



Thanks for the post on the team binkies! I am of the opinion - since Beckett is SOO my binky - that I don't care what he says or does (short of him breaking his pitching hand while taking out the Gatorade cooler), as long as he goes out to the mound and pitches brilliantly. I too agree that someone needs to get a DVD collection of Josh's finest moments on the market. I would definitely be a buyer.

Don't know if you've ever seen this posting (you probably have, seeing as you cover the Sox so well), but it talks a little bit about the younger Josh and his cockiness: http://www.jockbio.com/Bios/Beckett/Beckett_bio.html

Nice win for Beckett yesterday and props to the rest of the boys for first toying with the Mariners, then opening the floodgates and romping all over them. And on a final note, I agree with Remy that Papelbon needs to go moose hunting on that idiot Mariner Moose who took Coco out yesterday. Though, I would suggest he take along Timlin, Wake and Beckett to show them how it's really done!

mouse - SF

That's funny stuff, though it'd probably be at least a little embarrassing to the Beckett of today. I certainly wouldn't want someone throwing the dumb stuff I've said or done in the past back at me. And I also think the author of that article had something of an axe to grind (or is a jerk himself), as using A-Rod as an example of class is an immediate red flag. Heh.

At the All Star break, there were several pieces about Josh and in this one it is made especially clear how much he's changed, at least in terms of his approach to baseball. Obviously his uh..."colorful" side still exists, but even from last year I've noticed a big difference in how he carries himself. Even as he's beating up on objects in the dugout and swearing a blue streak in his PCs, his overall demeanor and body language are so much better.

But I hope he never loses that colorful side completely, as I think to a degree it's an important part of who he is and what makes him such a good pitcher. And it certainly makes him more interesting to talk about.

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