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July 20, 2007


maxwell horse

It's funny. I only just noticed it during Beckett's post-game press conference last night... but it often seems like he *hates* the media/Boston reporters. When NESN cut to his press conference, he was already in the middle of a question. I didn't quite get the *exact* nature of what was being said, but here's my impression.

I assume a reporter must've just asked about the pitch he threw that resulted in the 3-run homerun. And Beckett responds with, "I don't think anybody in our clubhouse is focused on that particular pitch. I guess I should've expected it to be a little different in here." Ouch. Zing.


i think i was the same place sam was last night. but i had my priorities in order! i kept walking over to grafton street to check on the score.


I was on the street in Harvard Square with the Wizard People, Dear Reader when my little brother called me up, assuming I was watching the game, and when I answered the phone he just yelled, "BULLSHIT!"

I completely feel you on the split personality thing. Sometimes it's really sad that there are no spoilers in baseball.

RS Bat BoyRS Batter Up

Love the blog. Read it all the time


Could you stop calling him Joshie!

How about Texas Pete? or just Tex? or maybe Yosemite Josh? or Joshua Strike Three?

Joshie has to go.


nope. his nickname is his nickname to me.

if it makes any difference, it's meant more in a mocking than an affectionate way. if it doesn't, well, it's my blog, my nickname, so deal. :)

maxwell horse

Bad News. Yanksfan vs. Soxfan just posted that the Josh Beckett "My Space" page is fake.

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