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July 19, 2007



Welcome to the Wagon - it's a good place to be. :)


See, I've been on the hot wagon for months, and was not so floored by this pic when it was emailed the other day as my friends expected me to be. 1) he is hotter with more grey in his hair 2) visible TH underwear waistband = not good (but I will excuse it as a youthful indiscretion since this is from his pre-grey Marlin days)


i would submit that the visible waistband is the best part.


Ohhhh...I'm posting this on my blog.

David Welch

I really like your blog here, Beth, and . . .

I've gotten real good at spotting these posts a mile away and ignoring them, LOL.



Oh good, more places for me to see this picture. I mean, outside of my Photobucket and the backs of my eyelids.


Nothing to see here.

Texas Gal

Lovely. He's a really handsome man- not necessarily hot, not cute (definitely not "cute") - just really handsome.


Another thing I'm with Kristen on: Game? What game?

Now unfortunately starting to turn into gameS. As in more than one. :-(

Time to bugger off on vacation, methinks.


Hmmmm, very nice indeed. LOVE that smile. Yeah, thats it. The smile ;-)

What games? Haven't the last 2 been rained out?



It took you this long to realize Mike Lowell is like, the quintessential "sneaky hot" guy? Clearly you've been spending too much time staring at Papelbon to fully appreciate some of his teammates. :)

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