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June 24, 2007


maxwell horse

It's funny. You seem to be more creeped out by Beckett the more you see of him. Me, personally, I'm actually warming up to him the more I see of him.


Um...wow. Obviously you spend a heck of a lot more time analyzing these things than I do, Beth. I don't fault you for trying to figure Beckett out, but it's not something I'd even want to attempt...he just has too many quirks. Which is actually one of the reasons I like him.

One thing I have figured out about Beckett that I may admire most (other than his curveball) is that he is very loyal and "emphatic" (hehe) about his teammates. I haven't read a game wrap-up yet where he hasn't given credit to the other guys for playing hard behind him, and on the days he isn't sharp, he blames no one but himself. It seems so minor and unimportant on the surface, but in a market where the media loves to feed on any hints of clubhouse infighting, that's a good trait to have. And it makes me think that for all his stubborn cockiness, he can't be too bad of a guy. At least not all of the time. :)


The one thing that redeems Josh Beckett from total frathole status, as far as I can tell (and excluding the fact that he is possessed of crazy pitching ability), is how intense he is about watching games in which he doesn't even play. You always see him leaning on the dugout rail, looking invested in everything that happens. If he just did that after his own starts, like he was insuring nobody screwed up his lead, that would be irritating, but it's every night. Boy just likes baseball. Baseball and chewin' on stuff.


I'd like to nominate this as my favorite post ever at Cursed to First! Obviously I'm a Yanks fan, and I can assure you that if you were sitting where I'm sitting you'd hate him.

Brilliant and hilarious, Beth!


thanks for all the comments, guys. glad you enjoyed the post, nick.

as for the other stuff, i def don't want to give the impression that i think josh is totally irredeemable. i have also noticed that he talks up his teammates and at least seems to have learned how to go through the motions in terms of being relatively diplomatic etc. off the field (at least compared to the days of the "Phenom" jacket). also have noticed that he'll stick around to watch and cheer on his teammates, which is also a good thing. agreed he isn't necessarily a bad guy, never meant it to seem like i thought that.

however. while watching hideki okajima during his last game, for example, the entire time he was obsessively gripping and rubbing a baseball in the dugout. wtf was up with the baseball?? he looked like the "franks and beans" kid from there's something about mary with the stupid thing. these are the things that drive me to distraction about him, even though i also acknowledge his finer points. after all, if he wasn't such a breathtaking pitcher, i wouldn't even be wondering about this stuff to begin with.


Interesting post. I am like you in that I'm always trying to figure out what the hell he's thinking. It's maddening. But thats what I think attracts me to him - the fact that he's a mystery - or likes to think he's a mystery.

And btw - I do have DVR and he was totally smirking after almost hitting Green. But I don't think he did it on purpose. I think he was just laughing at how much the pitch got away from him. Either that or he was smirking at the fact that Green looks like he's 10 years old - and we can all agree that Josh, in comparison, is a pretty intimidating man.


I do not think Josh Beckett knows how words work.


I do not think Josh Beckett knows how words work.

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