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April 25, 2007


maxwell horse

It was a nice win, especially after seeing them play like clowns yesterday. I too thought it was really funny seeing Tavarez comfort Manny in the dugout after his potential homer was caught.

However, I have noticed a disturbing trend: The Sox bullpen seems to be markedly better on nights that Joel Pineiro doesn't pitch.

"Jason Varitek left his bat at Fenway before leaving for Baltimore. Again."

I am by no means a baseball expert. In fact, I'm mostly ignorant on baseball. But why for the love of God does Varitek keep insisting on batting left-handed? I know I'm not the only fan that has wondered about this recently. I wish that just for a fun experiment, he'd play an entire week of games batting exclusively right-handed. (Really, what's the worst that could happen? You can't strike out twice in one at-bat, can you?) Surely the experts in the Sox organization have noticed a performance discrepency by now.

maxwell horse

Re: "But why for the love of God does Varitek keep insisting on batting left-handed?"

And of course, that is a rhetorical question, as this is not Terry Francona's blog.


ha! i wish i could get him to guest post. that would be awesome.


//Memo to David Ortiz: thank you for that tremendous at-bat that broke Cabrera's stalemate with Schilling, broke open the game and possibly even broke Cabrera's spirit. However, we in Red Sox Nation kindly ask that you cease and desist flirting with disaster by sliding like a jumbo jet coming in for a crash landing every time you are on base.//

Was that actually a slide, or did he just fall over onto third? That's what it looked like to me!


Re: sockgate, haven't we heard this bs before? They really need to just have the sock DNA tested, already.

Whether or not you agree with Schilling's politics and religious views, you have to admit he's an intelligent guy. If he were to 'fake' the bloody sock, wouldn't he use his own blood? A DNA test wouldn't reveal whether the blood actually seeped out of his leg during the ALCS/WS games, but it would at least put to bed the asinine suggestion that Schill faked it up with paint.


honestly i am kind of disappointed in some of the reaction about "sock-gate" which is such a tired, outdated falsehood, one that really doesn't warrant much of a response from RSN or schilling imo. for us to perform a dna test or come up with reasons why it's unlikely he faked the injury is more defensiveness than is really becoming, or necessary in my opinion. i think there should be response to thorne from sox management about making patently untrue statements on-air, if in fact he wasn't being facetious (and i haven't heard any followup comment from him...not really sure what his excuse might be), but that's a journalism issue. i personally don't think any further proof or defense is needed for schilling himself.

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