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January 22, 2007



very well stated. this general idea has been cooking as a thought in my head, but i was struggling for a way to articulate it without appearing to be whining, now that New England lost. you did an excellent job!


Beth, to backtrack for one quick classic play by Trot that often doesn't get discussed. I always thought his sliding play on the sinking liner off the bat of Hideki Matsui in game 5, 2004, is the one moment where, if not made, that game is over and so is the series. All the reports of that play say he shouldn't even have been there - has it ever been discussed that he was out of position or they positioned him so brilliantly? If you watch it you get chills. But, time moves on - Good Luck Trot.

charger fan

Agree in some respects. I also think, though, that because of the Brady/Belichick mystique and the Manning hype, the Patriots' overall talent has been somewhat underrated. Simply put, I think the Patriots won the past playoff games against the Colts because they were a better team rather than because the Colts underachieved. I think this year, the teams were essentially even, and the Colts--power to them--executed better when the money was on the table.

Mike Edelman

It's the media. They'll play games up in whatever way makes them seem more exciting. Facts unfortunately are often not an issue.

Mike Edelman

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