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July 21, 2006



i do not understand this mike lowell thing. what happened to not being willing to mortgage the future for a short term fix? i hope to god it's just a rumor and will blow over in a few days (or hopefully a few hours!), because the thought of losing my mikey makes me nauseous. the only thing they could do that would be worse (which absolutely will not happen, so i can say this) would be to trade the papel-bot, my One True Love. urgh. i'm going to go bury my head in the sand until it all goes away.

oh - and i hate summer, too. i'm from new england, summer is not what i'm built for.


my overall summer irascibility

I suddenly feel less alone ;-) Gimme autumn and winter any day of the week!

You don't even know how to feel because there's nothing to feel anything about--only a vague sense of dread and a silent plea to the universe not to take that guy, not to take your guy, you root for the laundry but still...

That's the worst thing - all the rumour and speculation, most of which is unfounded. Worrying about something that is not really there, only to get blindsided - Nomar, anyone? - by something you didn't see coming in a million years.

I hate being away from baseball for any length of time, but vacation is coming up just at the perfect time to allow me to miss all the trading deadline circus. A slight sweeting of the bitter pill.


Yeah, hearing Mike Lowell's name crop up in trade rumors recently has not made me a happy baseball fan.


Thanks, Beth; glad you liked that post. I have to disagree that you aren't creative or smart as me. I'm just channeling the wonder that is our team.

I have a friend that checks each post for me, and he hates Westerns, so he was completely turned off by it. As I am turned off by the Lowell rumors (something I agree with you on).

Couch Potato

Count me in as a member of the "I hate summer" Club! The heat & humidity wear me down & I usually end up feeling like the Grinch that stole Midsummer as everyone else raves about the "gorgeous" weather. (Sorry, but 90 plus with attendant humidity is just plain fugly.)

No Mike Lowell trade! No No No!

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