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April 17, 2006



I have a theory on the gum chewing. I am a teeth grinder, and teeth grinding is more of a psychological condition than a physical problem (for the most part). To have something in-between your teeth, for the most part, helps to alleviate grinding. (Mouth-guards, gum, and what not.)

Now, in other sports, things happen all at once. There's a football play, and then there's nothing, there's skating back and forth and goals and then a break. Baseball however is all about anxiety. Nothing happens for long stretches, even though all hell can break loose at any time.

Is there anything more maddening and anxious in a one run game than when the hitter or pitcher calls time? Baseball players spend most of their time just sitting and watching. Now, being a fan and watching a high pressure baseball game is as maddening enough, but, for the most part, baseball players for the majority of the time, just have to sit and watch as they either lose or win. Because there's no time limit, almost no game is safe at any moment, so there's always going to be some anxiety.

Now, it seems logically that they would need something to chew, to expend that anxious energy, that takes such a toll on the teeth, that it makes sense that they would unconsciously reach for something to chew on. But this is just a long-winded theory.

Alex Belth

Beth, I saw Mike Lowell outside of Shea Stadium three years ago. He was dressed in a suit and just entering the ballpark. Clooney is a great call, but more in person than on TV. He is tall, daper and very handsome.

Supposed to be a great guy as well. Did you know that he had testicular cancer? He survived it okay. Just a random aside. But I thought about Clooney when I saw him too.


yeah, maybe it is clooney, you're right.


My wife says that Mike Lowell looks like Scott Bakula. Pretty close I think...


I think he's Billy Bob Thorton-esque (in a good way :)) btw, first time on your website and i have to say, productivity is WAY down here, i cant stop reading!

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