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March 22, 2006


David Welch

Wow. I feel the same way as Iain about only following one sport. I've not been a follower, although I would say a fan, of the Patriots for about 4 years now. I think my biggest reason was that it just became too much work to follow both. I think I actually was using the Pats as a balm all thru the 90's! No need for that since 2002!

As far as the whole who's a balm for who, I'm, gonna take this angle. Be glad that you live in a market where both the baseball team AND the football teams at least COMPETE each year! Rather live in Detroit?



Please! I am but a simple caveman Pats fan. Your big words frighten and confuse me. I do not understand why men play with strange-shaped ball to get things called TDs and FGs. But what I do know is that when man with V name kicks ball, ball goes between two big yellow posts. And I get scared thinking about V man kicking with blue shirt on and hoof print on side of head.

Also, caveman Pats fans do not go "Huurk". We just say "Ugghh" when number 12 man throws ball to other team, or "Oooof" when hitting each other on head with clubs afterward.


bob, if that's what you really think of football fans, i don't know what to tell you.


He didn't even know who Mike Vanderjagt is

Oh great - news of my ignorance spreads like wildfire across the interweb... ;-)


stop it. i ENVIED you that.


Seriously, Iain, listen to the women. It is not a pleasant thing to know of Mike Vanderjagt, and to imagine him.....I can't even say it.
It's like the knowledge of good and evil, once you do, it is burned on your brain forever. And, ew.
Ignorance of Mike Vanderjagt is bliss, Iain.


I think I would actually throw up if I read that the Pats went out and signed Vander-jackass, the most anti-clutch kicker ever.

I think you are right though that the Pats are looking to get younger, (they need to do this in several areas). Hopefully they sign Edinger. At age 28 maybe he is just one peice of that puzzle.

In the end I think come July the Pats will be ok, but Adam was one of the few players that I allowed myself to be 'attached' to, so to speak, so seeing him go hurts, seeing him going to a team like the Colts hurts even more. [gnashes teeth]


yes, i think that, should that dark day ever come, we'd have to call an emergency support group meeting on Boston Common. perhaps a candlelight vigil as well.


bob, if that's what you really think of football fans, i don't know what to tell you.

Beth - it was meant as a joke. Perhaps you are not familiar with the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer sketches that Phil Hartman used to do on Saturday Night Live...

Boston Fan in Michigan

Now try being a Lions fan on top of that and learning that Joey Harrington is saying "I hate everyone on this team, and everyone hates me."

Actually, no, I take it all back. It would've been much, much, MUCH worse to be a seriously dedicated Marlins fan this offseason. That would've been worse than anything.

And quiet, you. I know he went to the Yankees, but it's awfully hard for me to not love someone who physically destroyed a Kansas City Royal while in a Tigers uni.


i think i tried to keep things impartial re farnsworth. but i figured you'd jump on me anyway. :-)

anywho, i think we've had this convo before, sam, but the fact that it sucks to be a lions fan doesn't really make me feel any better about adam vinatieri going to the Dark Side.


Wow, I'm totally out of the loop on this one. I like Vinatieri but fercrissakes he's the kicker.

You want to pay 3mil for a kicker?

Despite the fact that big V delivered the go ahead points in two of the SB's and was so crucial in the snow game with Oak, I'm still of the mind that if you have to rely on your kicker that much, there's other issues that need addressing first.

Think "Moneyball" here. A player can reach a point where they are no longer cost effective and you can find somebody almost as good at a much better value (see Coco Crisp v Johnny Damon).

Trust in Belichick. Trust in Theo.

My two cents...

David Welch

Well said Ed

See, Beth. I CAN write poetry . . .


//Despite the fact that big V delivered the go ahead points in two of the SB's and was so crucial in the snow game with Oak, I'm still of the mind that if you have to rely on your kicker that much, there's other issues that need addressing first. //

i believe this was addressed in my post. i understand the logic of all that. but it's still difficult to see a beloved player go to a hated team. i am maintaining my faith in belichick but it is difficult sometimes when you have an emotional attachment to a player.

and no matter what the rationale for vinatieri leaving, having to deal with mike vanderjagt in a pats uniform would be unequivocally awful.


OK I see your point, however I have to agree with Ed W. Additionally I think any emotional attachment would be better directed toward a certain #12. After all wouldn't mourning the loss of a kicker kind of be like getting upset about the batboy leaving the sox? There are reputable sports personalities who maintain that kickers should be eliminated, they mean that little. I wouldn't go that far but I'm almost there every time I see a kicker get hurt trying to tackle a returner, or worse yet get hurt while celebrating. That being said V. was a class act, the bang for the buck just isn't there.

By the way at least the "douchebag" is out of the running.


i think i'm just in a bad mood today, but why are we arguing about whether or not i'm sad to see adam go? and worried about the state of the patriots in general, especially given the number of players who have left? i have NEVER said i think the patriots are going down the crapper--i HAVE said i have faith that belichick and pioli know what they're doing. but i feel anxious, because i care about the team. is this not understandable at all?

why is it not permissible to be sad to see a player as important as adam vinatieri was to the super bowl teams (kicker = bat boy? i couldn't disagree more), go to a team you hate? the fact that this could work out for the best doesn't mean i'm not going to miss adam personally, doesn't mean i want to see him go to a team i consider the dark side. i mean, what's there to argue with about that? i feel how i feel. acting like i'm ridiculous doesn't change that.

and finally, the fact that i have emotional attachment to adam doesn't mean i have none directed at #12--anyone who knows me or has read more than one post on this blog knows that for sure. and even if i didn't, you can't just decide, "oh, i think i'll just be attached to this other player instead now." emotions don't, um, work like that.

and what happens when / if *HE* leaves the team? if i write a post being sad about that, will you come back and tell me i'm wrong because sports is a business, and i should never have gotten attached in the first place?

it is what it is. i guess i didn't get what i was trying to say across in this post at all.


Don't know if these will make you feel better or not, but they helped me a bit:



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