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January 28, 2006


Boston Fan in Michigan

I wasn't worried! If we couldn't sign anyone, we were gonna have the dead sea lamprey out there, natch. Nothing to worry about.

And, yes, we're insane. You grind your teeth about it now, but remember, you could be a Marlins fan or something and be stuck with a fanbase that completely fails to share you enthusiasm for the team.


Sam, you're right. Of course, there's enthusiasm and "enthusiasm" [insert scary, wide-eyed, caffeine-overdose, Jack-Nicholson-in-The-Shining face].

Beth - love the banner photo. Where was that taken?


the banner photo is one of the pics i took at gillette stadium in december, cropped and desaturated to make it black and white.

Boston Fan in Michigan

I was gonna ask if that shot was one of yours... it is pretty whack, yo. But ochre gradient font? Tsk tsk. :P

Iain, I know, I know... but, see, most of my sports fan affiliations involve precisely that caffeine-overdose sensibility. Red Sox, Michigan Wolverines, two teams where insanity is just seen as 'dedication'. At least the Lions are sedate, in relative terms (i.e. we're not Raiders or Steelers fans).


sam, it is meant to be ugly and annoying. like the offseason is.

also, isn't an art major picking on a civilian about ochre gradient font a little like a pro athlete bagging on a high school kid for how fast he runs?

Boston Fan in Michigan

Hell no! It's not like I'm a graphic designer or anything, I've never had any of those classes. 'Sides which, I'm no pro, I'm still a filthy student.


ok, sam, i'll go over to your blog and start picking on your writing then. it's not like i'm a professional sportswriter or anything.

you identified the font thing in the banner as "ochre gradient". know what i was calling it? "garbage font".

i rest my case.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Hey, you get paid to write SOMEthing. That makes you a professional writer, even if it's not sportswriting. :P



uncle! you win!

i don't even get any points because it's supposed to be ugly, though?

David Welch

LMAO. That is perhaps your best post ever, Beth! You said something that really needed to be said, something I have been dying to get up the gumption to say, for the past YEAR!

However, I don't think anyone in Red Sox Nation will be able to remind you of this post in June, as we'll all be just as nucking futs as you by then!

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