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November 28, 2005



No, I don't think Brady has any physical problems. Until the KC game he was having one of his best seasons ever (rating, yards etc), so I'm not ready to blame him (that, and three of the interceptions were tipped balls, two of which were very catchable by the receiver). If two of those tips were catches instead, and the one poor throw he had where he missed a wide open Watson in the endzone connects, they still probably lose, but he has a *good* day passing.

I do agree it's like 2002 again, but it's the defense. Not being able to stop teams on 3rd and long, not forcing turnovers. Giving up big runs/passes. And I think most of it falls on the safeties. Think back to 2002, you had a slow Milloy who didnt' make any plays, Tebucky Jones taking bad angles and running over his own players, and Victor Green playing the "big nickel", more like the "big bust". Now, jump to 2003-2004, Rodney comes in and makes the big plays (both run support and pass protection), which enables Wilson to do his job and also make big plays (remember he's really a cornerback). Down goes Rodney in 2005, back to no play makers at safety....so I guess I'm saying, once Rodney went down, so did the chances of the Patriots repeating.


good points all, dick. which makes me wonder--looking ahead to 2006--who could fill the gap at safety? is there another potential harrison out there we could draft or acquire that you've seen? what about cornerbacks--don't forget the effect of the absence of ty law, or, at least, a 2003 style ty law...

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