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July 26, 2005



Beautifully written. I feel the exact same way as you. I sat there tonight, tears filling my eyes, my hand over my mouth. I felt silly in a way and didn't really want my husband to see. But all I could think about was Matt, and his wife, and his little boys. It really did seem obscene the way the game went on...I know the D-Rays are going to win, but I don't think they can possibly feel good about it.
I'm praying for Matt (and Trot for a quick recovery too!)
I love your blog!

Karina (again)

(5 minutes later) Tied at 8...tied at 8...tied at 8 - oh, if there is any justice in the world, we will win this one!!
Go Sox!!!!


That was too scary. Thankfully it sounds like he is ok and in good spirits. The cat-scan is reported to be negative.

Hopefully he is resting and he will be up and about soon.

Whew... !!


You put into words exactly what I've been thinking and feeling since it happened.

I'm praying he will be okay.

James from Scotland

Great post Beth. I was videoing my little girl running around the basement with her dolls, when Matt got smoked. I was stunned. Just sat there, camera running, looking at this guy lie there like he was dead. Given all the terrible things that have happened recently in the world, it was so, I donno, intimate, to see Matt poleaxed so violently like that. For about a minute, I was stunned, for him, then for another minute I was thinking 'what the heck happens to our rotation now?'; then, ashamed, I was back to tearfully fearing for Matt's health as he lay there concussed [at least]; you captured it all really well.

What a freakin win though. That one's up there, way up there. Balls of steel all round, with great contributions from some of the keys of last year - Tek, Johnny, Schill, Millar, Mueller and Manny. This might be, finally, the game that sparks these guys. 03 the cowboys, 04 the idiots, 05 the concussed.


I, too, had trouble with the applause. It didn't feel right to me.


When Matt got hit I sat there in shock for about a minute. Then I grabbed my Clement jersey and spent the rest of the night pacing and worrying and trying not to cry. The win was great, but it was even better to hear that he should be okay.

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