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June 25, 2005



When Annette arrived, I felt even stupider. I've never seen her picture, but hello, that was clearly Annette.

I hope that was a good thing. I imagine, since we all got along fantastically, that it was. But you've never seen my picture? It's on the board, somewhere. Did I look as you expected? Different?

"Weird how it's not weird" always seems to accurately sum up SG meet-ups.


oooh beth why did you not call me? I could have had you to wonderland and back in no time.

Boston Fan in Michigan

If you look at the timestamp on when I wrote my recap... I swear to god, the bears made sense at the time.

And, you know, the more I think about it, the more retardly awesome it is that the SG meal was started with the Ha Motzi. Hee hee. Theo Epstein shall guide us! or something.


annette--you just look like you. that's all i can really think of to explain it. i don't think i've ever seen your picture, but i knew, for example, that you have auburn hair. if you'd shown up as a blonde i'd have accused you of being an impostor. i don't know why that is, though. ESP?

michele, i thought about calling you, but it was really, really late. i didn't want to wake you up, and besides, i was convinced until the very end that we WERE going to get onto 93 any second.

sam, i think the Ha-Motzi should become tradition. :)


//sam, i think the Ha-Motzi should become tradition.//

I second this!

Also, Annette has looked different in each of the photos I've seen of her, so I'm not entirely sure I'm going to recognize her on site.

I so have to move to be with you bitches. Wah. All the fun.

PS Beth, you are a hardass. :) :)


"Like, the only person I'd be more nervous to meet would be Edward," he said. "You're like No.2."



//I so have to move to be with you bitches. Wah. All the fun.//

Um, yes. Don't make me start harrassing you. I'm quite persuasive in getting people to move to Boston.

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