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May 07, 2005



I'm stuck between the two perspectives, myself.

On one hand, the problems that are plaguing the Yankees as of now, are the kind of problems that cannot be fixed under the prevailing team philosophy. Unlike the Sox of the past few years, the Yankees management went for the "bludgeon your opponents on the head" approach in the free agent market, and thus sacrificed the financial flexibility. That approach also tied their hands when fixing their rotation; they got a lessers number of more pricey agents, whereas the Sox went for a greater number of low-risk, high upside options.

Thus, every pitching problem they thought they'd fixed has turned out not to be fixed at all. The Sox, as it has turned out, rebuilt a rotation that could handle a couple injuries; the Yankees did not. And while the Sox bullpen seems to have come out of the early season difficulties, the Yankees's bullpen has not managed to.

I even have questions about their lineup. There is no question that A-Rod, Matsui, Sheffield, Jeter (and possibly Posada) will start hitting again. However, with the bottom half, there is a significant drop-off that you don't see with the Sox lineup. They have the big guns, but not the balance that the Sox and the Orioles do.

Even so: superstitiously, I refuse to underestimate the Yankees. They could mount a run, who knows. But for now, I'm leaning towards them staying in the cellar.

Tom Gordon

You make an interesting arguement. obviously the violence is getting out of control, and that needs to stop. However, I can't say that I haven't enjoyed the brief demise of the Yanks. I am so adjusted to seeing them out in front that this is off-putting for me. Like the monster theory, I too am just waiting for them to do something and suddenly go on a tear that leaves everyone in the dust. However, I have to say that the sweetest victories always seem to be against the Yanks, as do the toughest defeats. Personally, I don't see the current yankee problem lasting more than one year. Steinbrennar will be furious if they suck all year. I wouldn't be suprised to see ARod at second next year, with some big name 3b, as well as a new centerfielder. In terms of this season, they will turn it around. Baltimore has great hitting, but I don't forsee their pitching holding up much longer. Honestly, I see the sox winning the East, with the Yankees taking the wildcard after their hitters hit, and they trade money and their last few prospects for somebody. I just know they can't suck this badly forever, and I just hope the sox have a big enough lead to withstand a late run by they yanks...


Here's my take on it.

I like seeing the Yankees lose. I hope they keep losing and stay in last place. Why? Simple. It's good for baseball. Before the season began, everyone was like "here we go again. The Yankees just bought a World Series". Now look at the standings. Everyone in the AL (you know what I mean) has a chance. It's almost like the NFL in some regards.

And the violence? Eh. The Chris House thing wasn't that big of a deal. Not compared to some fan/player violence happening everywhere else. It's mainly staying on the field, and the fights are nowhere near as bad as they used to be. Then again, maybe it's me. I didn't think anything of it when Zimmer got tossed. He asked for it. I thought nothing of it when Chris House was almost decapitated. He asked for it, too. I think this stuff will work itself out.

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