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December 30, 2007


Ethan Michaels

Yup, he sure tore the team apart like people said he would... lol

Ethan Michaels


Much congratulations! I watched this game even though I am not a football fan by any stretch (I enjoy it, but have no rooting interest). Was worried for the Pats fans when they went down 12, but I'd seen highlights of them coming back before, so I wasn't too scared yet.

Interesting coincidence: Surviving Grady used a shot of the board game "Perfection" on their 16-0 celebratory post. I was staying at my sister's place and she has two kids and lots of board games. I was playing Perfection for much of the Pats game and finally got all the pieces in under a minute during the 4th quarter. Clearly I had a hand in this.

So I am waiting in desperate need of your 2007 Red Sox season summary/retrospective/thingy. I have sort of tried to re-live the season in many ways (watched highlights of every win all season long on mlb.com over a number of nights, for instance), but I've a feeling that as usual, you will have the upper hand on re-capturing the emotion of the long hard slog of the season, not to mention Manny's walk-off blast in the ALDS, Drew's redemption in the ALCS, and the great postseason series (the only one this year) that was Indians vs. Red Sox.

But I totally understand if it doesn't appear until after (hopefully) the Super Bowl.


hey devine, i def believe in those kinds of metaphysical contributions, so thanks for your perfection playing during the pats game!

i should know better than to make promises / due dates on something like the sox essay. in 2004 working feverishly on it every day it still took till mid january to post it all. i have DEF not been working on it the same way this time but i promise it exists and is sitting in draft form on my PC. i will get it out as soon as i can, and i haven't forgotten! sorry to keep you waiting. :-(

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