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October 22, 2007



Oh man that is an awesome summary! I love what you wrote about Papelbon and Pedroia - they are both true characters in every sense of the word and the best thing is we get to watch them for many more years!

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I'm not sure if you caught it, when Pedroia jacked that ball over the Monster last night, Pedroia didn't sprint out of the box and watch the ball...he did this bat-flip thing and a brief admiration.

They immediately cut to the dugout where The Goofiest Bastard in Baseball, Julian Tavarez, leaned right into Manny and started gabbin' as if to say, "He got that from you". It cracked me up.


My heart cracks a little when I think about Coco sitting there with such composure rooting on Ellsbury from the dugout railing the whole game, and then still giving up his body for the team like that. I hope he knows that none of it went unnoticed.

It was so fitting that Coco should make that final catch in that way. Although his bat has been weak, but his defense has been spectacular all season - not just the "OMG did he really catch that" efforts, but the ones he has made look easy because he got a great jump and has great speed. When I watch Coco, I think about what Lou Piniella said about Ken Griffey, Jr.: "If it's hit and Junior can't catch it, it can't be caught."

All those catches add up to a bunch of runs saved, and those runs saved add up to a bunch of wins.

*Tips his cap to Covelli...*


//I think probably Trot Nixon is feeling the need to give him some information.//

Funniest thing I've read lately. The whole 'give him some information' incident is my favorite example of Trotness ever.

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