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October 19, 2007



I beg your pardon. I couldn't hear you over those stats.Normally, I would prefer to attempt a somewhat substantive comment, but I can't get past the LOL and two thumbs up to this.


Oh, yeah. McCarver was in RARE form last night. Beckett's pitch that sailed over Frankland whatever's head? A brushback pitch. It was a 94 mph fastball at a man's skull. It would have put him in a coma. I think it probably was a slip, Timmy. Even Buck was all kinda, "Uh...I think Gooteeairez would be an odd choice to send a message to".

But two games ago I found a colour commentator who made me long for Tim McCarver. His name? "Rick Sutcliffe". Wow. I actually tried to stab my computer screen.

maxwell horse

I loved the Millar clip. (Although, like many, I wonder if his Orioles teammates get rubbed the wrong way when Millar continues to do stuff like that.)

Beckett was so awesome. And I find his "eff-you" attitude so over-the-top that it's hilarious. Almost self-parodying. For some reason I'm reminded of Steve Martin's dentist in Little Shop of Horrors. (And like the Dentist, I wouldn't at all have been surprised last night if between innings, Beckett had sauntered up to a 4-year old Indians fan in the front row who'd brought along a doll--and then twisted its head off, purely for the pleasure of watching the ensuing tears.)

I wanted to absolutely murder the Fox crew last night. During Manny's homerun controversy, they of course took that opportunity to take Manny's earlier interview out of context. Complete with playing "Don't Worry, Be happy" while they threw the cherry-picked quote up on the screen. (Ha ha. Listen to the funny music. Get it? Cause Manny is stupid and doesn't have any heart and is lazy.)

Add that to Fox's insistence throughout this entire series of going to every other commercial break with the "Cleveland Rocks" song... well, let's just say it's a good thing the Sox finally won a game, because otherwise my heart would've exploded with rage.

And finally, Coco: I really like the guy. His fielding is magical. When he gives interviews he seems really nice and articulate and funny. But he CLEARLY is slumping. And it's not just some "small sample size" illusion. He's clearly spooked at the plate. He's defeated and confused up there.

I have NO IDEA why Francona insists on playing him at this point. Is it to "build his confidence," even at this late date, on the brink of elimination? Is it because "we need him" later on, (regardless of the fact that this IS later on). It's almost Gagne-like at this point, the insistence on starting Coco.

Elsbury needs to start tomorrow. Not because he necessarily will be great. Not to "punish" Coco. But simply because common logic dictates it.


I have NO IDEA why Francona insists on playing him at this point.

after hearing theo on the radio berating an fm rock station sports guy because he asked why drew continued to play over ellsbury, and having heard elsewhere that theo gives tito explicit instructions about players at times, i personally believe it's not necessarily tito we should blame.

maxwell horse

Hmmm, maybe you're right. Which would be consistent with the commonly held theory that Theo is the main reason why we kept seeing Gagne in there blowing game after game toward the end of the year, and why he is on the roster right now. And that in itself makes it all the sadder, my memories of Tito in post-game interviews continually trying to explain why Gagne was allowed to blow the latest game. "We neeeeed him," Tito would say very quietly and haltingly after each nut-crushing loss.

In retrospect I think maybe a lot of the times this year when Tito has looked stubborn or bone-headed, it might've simply been another case of a guy being forced to assume responsibility for a choice made by a superior.

sam b.

So the question Big Papi asked Manny was "Where's the funeral?"

Great post. I really loved the Manny screen grabs as well. Despite him hitting the longest single in Sox history, those stats pretty much speak for themselves.

And I couldn't agree more about McCarver. Please save me Jebus from this douchenozzle. On Deadspin, they quoted him from Thurs. night (and this is something he's actually said *before*):

"You would think that a leadoff walk would lead to more big innings than a leadoff home run. But we've done the research and it turns out that more big innings have come from leadoff home runs than leadoff walks."

Help me God.

Texas Gal

Lofton's interview about the incident cemented my negative feelings for him. I can't pinpoint what it is about him, but he has this nasty attitude -- not ego, not cocky... nasty. I guess it's not surprising, considering his reputation and the fact he can't ever get a team to stick with him.

And if one person at Fenway so much as sighs out a faint boo at Manny, I will be very very disappointed.


I can't imagine the fans will boo Manny. We all know that he speaks with his bat, anyway. As for being relaxed about the games, I totally get that. The Curse has been vanquished, the Yanks dismissed, and its all about having fun and playing hard in October. OF COURSE I want them to win, but somehow, losing won't ever be as painful as it was pre-2004.

On Millar -- I think it was kind of cute, and as a Baltimore Girl, I don't mind. It's not like the O's have even sniffed the post-season since 1997, and who did we lose to then --- oh yes, Cleveland, after Armando "Head Case" Benitez blew save after save. Nope, I'm perfectly OK with Millar's rally cry. COWBOY UP, y'all!


i think MOST fans won't boo manny. but i do recall that there have been points in the last couple of years during the annual "try to run manny out of town" frenzy that some of the WEEI-brainwashed did, in fact, boo manny at fenway. it's those idiots i'm worried about.

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