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September 24, 2007


maxwell horse

Wow, you wrote a ton! Good stuff.


Beth, excellent comments about Schilling. I personally love him, and have for years, despite my distaste for his politics. I love that he stands behind his beliefs, and isn't afraid to acknowledge when he's made a mistake or gone to far.

My theory as to why he's being overlooked: because he's already written off the Sox and they him for next year. Why do I think that -- Sean McAdams reported in the ProJo on Saturday that the lovely huge Schilling home in Medfield is now on the market. That is despite 38 Studios location, and Schilling's own statement at the beginning of the year that he and Shonda had sold their Arizona and Philly homes, and had decided to raise their kids here. I'm rather bummed about it, because I agree with you, he can play that wonderful elder statesman role in Boston which, as the staff gets younger and younger, will be more and moer important. I also think that when the chips are down, no one has his guts.

I'd love Curt to come back next year, but I'll be amazed if it happens. And so mentally, I think he and the Sox have already parted ways. He'll be there for the guys he plays with, until the season is over, but beyond that, Curt is gone.

maxwell horse

I agree with KLN. I think much of the reason Curt doesn't have much of a media presence lately is because everyone knows he's gone after this year. I don't think that "neglect" of him is even a conscious decision really.

I WILL say this. I agree with both you guys/gals/things. I happen to really like Curt's personality. Often when people call him a "blowhard," I see it as being articulate. (Although, sometimes he *does* sort of fit into the blowhard category.) I can understand some people labeling him as a jerk, but I really am confused over the near-universal label, like he's Barry Bonds or something. (Caveat: I must admit, his support of a certain president and a certain war is something I have never been able to reconcile. In order for me to continue liking him, I have to sort of pretend he doesn't have those particular views.)


Maxwell horse, I'm a gal. And yeah, I try to keep my politics and my baseball separate wherever possible, even though I am passionate about both.

Is "Blowhard" a media label, or is that what the actual fans really think? For a guy who loves to poke at them a lot, he also makes himself pretty available. I'm not sure its anything more than a Curlyheaded Girlfriend fantasy, or something like that ;-)


I think Curt is a lot more intelligent than most players and speaks his mind, which I don't have a problem with at all. He happens to have political views that are unnattractive to most people, so I imagine it's hard to like him when he's not on your team. Most people who call him a blowhard are likely unable to separate their distate for his political and/or religious views from his personality.

Intersting recount of the Theo conversation. It seems out of character for him to be so defensive. I think he's banking on Drew turning it around in the post-season. Aren't we ALL?

As for the pats, alot of people seem to be getting that unsaid feeling, including myself. It's sort of disconcerting. Like when I noticed Bucholz had no hits after four, then the next 5 innings dragged by painfully, just because I was aware of it. not that I expect this season to be painful... at all.

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