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September 07, 2007



Heh. I held my breath through that whole bases loaded crisis as well, and funny thing...as soon as Buchholz got out of it unscathed, I was completely sure he'd be fine for however long he remained in the game. And he was.

Now if only I could pick lotto numbers with that kind of certainty...


Not long afterwards, however, JD Drew came upon the rally in progress and promptly killed it with a GIDP.

This is fantastic writing, IMHO. Paints the picture (one that feels accurate), that J.D. is like a rally-hunter that doesn't even play for the Sox, and is actually very successful at what he does.


hey, thanks quosf. that was the image i was going for. :)


I missed the whole game (it being played at 1am and all that...), and unfortunately the Condensed Game just doesn't do Buchholz's outing justice.

Thankfully, this post does :-)


I love your site...one comment: Buchholz's out pitch against Millar was actually a knee-buckling changeup, not a knee-buckling curve ball. Both are awesome pitches that Wily Mo Pena could never hit.


Couple things about the at-bat to Millar that I noticed and wanted to share:

1. Remember on the Papelbon Scoop (of course you do) how Millar told Pap that he could be the sexiest pitcher if he'd give him a belt-high fastball at 93? The first pitch of Millar's at-bat was a straight fastball, right down the middle, two mph slower than any Pap had thrown all night. And Millar watched it go by.

2. The second pitch of the at-bat was the slutter, and I could not be more tickled by the way Remy and DO (and later on the post-game, Tom Caron) would not say its name. Whether it's a nod to standards & practices, or they just think Pap is a knucklehead, they will not name the slutter.

I could not have been more pleased.


i def knew the second pitch was a slutter, but the last pitch from millar to buccholz sure looked like a curve to me--79 mph and breaking 12-6. actually, it looked a lot like a split, too. then again i'm no expert at eyeballing pitches, so prob you're right, CitizenWakefield.

either way we can agree it was knee-buckling. :-)

maxwell horse

Hmmm... I'd written a much longer comment, but decided to scrap it, because it sounded sour when I hadn't intended it to be.

So I'll just say this. In my opinion, Coco Crisp was the star of last night's game. It saddens me to think that he will undoubtedly be the "odd man out" (when it comes to the outfield) next season.

Also, a funny random moment from the game: When Doug hurt his hamstring running to first and they had that meeting with Francona and the trainers and medical staff.... I thought it was pretty funny that Millar apparently had no qualms about making himself part of that meeting.


I think that no one warming up behind Buchholz is part of this whole "structured innings" thing that the team is supposedly doing with him at the moment. Sink or swim, he was probably out there for those three innings. That's probably a good thing given Okajima's recent struggles, Gagne still being out and a little bit of recent shakiness overall from the pirates.

Texas Gal

There was a kind of primitive thing happening out there, as Roberts continued relentlessly badgering Buchholz from second while Markakis stood menacingly at the plate, the gateway to the heart of the O's order. They were literally big-leaguing him.

Beautiful prose.

And I also noticed Millar including himself in the injury conference on first. I think he forgets sometimes that he's not on the Red Sox anymore.


well, in his defense, he WAS wearing a uniform that said "Sox" on it last night. :)


Every time Jason Varitek pats Papelbon on the head and/or upper back area, I'm pretty sure that God cures the broken leg of a small kitten.

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