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August 12, 2007



Beckett has been the ace of this club since Schilling went on the DL (and probably before that). And deservedly so. When he and Matsuzaka go out to pitch, I rarely worry. I wish I could say the same for the other three guys.

Speaking of which, with the consecutive meltdowns exhibited by Gagne in this series, I'm starting to miss Kason Gabbard. Hindsight (and frustration) being 20/20 - did we make a bad deal? Power be to Lester for surviving everything he's been through, but perhaps we let the wrong lefty go??

maxwell horse

I love Beckett's personality. A cross between absolute kick-ass and just plain bizarre. His rage and demonstrative behavior is almost self-parodying, yet awesome at the same time. The way he ran off the mound in the 9th was just so funny. It reminded me of when Napoleon Dynamite was late for the dance, stuck in the car, and decided to just cut bait and run off awkwardly into the distance.

I don't recall Beckett raving in the dugout, but the Fox announcer did point out him saying to himself, in an almost reflective state, "Next time, next time."

Gagne: OMFG. I can't believe how badly his stint with the Red Sox has gone so far. It's like something from some dark subversive comedy. I wouldn't mind Gagne's implosions so much, if it weren't for the fact that he's been "replacing" Okajima so much--in terms of his placement in the game. I know, I know that one of the reasons they got him was to lighten Okajima's workload, so I guess it's understandable. However, I couldn't help but feel almost angry when they pulled Okajima today, just because--I guess--he'd allowed a guy to get on first. Part of me felt affronted. Like, "Oh, so suddenly Oki's not good enough for ya? The dude's been nails all season, now suddenly you don't trust him to get 2 more outs with a man on first?"

But anyway, these past couple appearances for Gagne have been so bad that I've gone past feeling any sort of anger toward him. I actually feel sorry for him. He'll probably have a hard time going to sleep tonight, and I can just imagine the reception he'll get in his next Fenway appearance. (Perhaps deservedly so.)


It reminded me of when Napoleon Dynamite was late for the dance, stuck in the car, and decided to just cut bait and run off awkwardly into the distance.

or when he's done with his dance after pedro's speech and runs off stage! lmao at both images. brilliant connection, mh.

speaking of which, it's kind of old news by now, but does anyone remember when http://blog.masslive.com/redsoxmonster/2007/07/papelbon_on_milano_i_was_never.html>jonathan papelbon dissed alyssa milano on the friendly's scoop a few months ago? i don't see anybody else who realized it, and i didn't think of it either at the time. now, running across that old post, i thought: duh. he dissed alyssa milano because josh dated her.

like i said, old news and kinda stupid, but i just figured that out. and it made me laugh. i wonder if jonathan has the whole team watching that thing just to see who he rags on next (cf. the just for men comment re wake).

maxwell horse

Yeah, when Napoleon ran off the stage at the end of the movie is maybe a better comparison to the way Beckett ran off--because of the crowd's role in both instances. I mean, the way Josh ran off, it was just so funny and abrupt. Like his internal monologue was, "DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!" I could easily imagine him running off in exactly the same way if--instead of failing to complete the shut-out--his pants had inexplicably fallen down in front of everyone revealing some ridiculous boxer shorts with teddy bears on them.

If you'd told me before the season that Josh Beckett would be one of the most entertaining members of a team that included Manny and Tavarez, I wouldn't have believed you.


Those FOX announcers were as brutal as Gagne has been with the Sox. But at least Gagne should go back to his All-Star form soon.


I could go on and on about Saturday's game...the less said about Friday and Sunday the better. Thank you very much, Monsieur Gagne. Ugh.

It's really too bad you missed Saturday's game. The highlights don't do Beckett justice. He was that good. The Orioles had no chance at all...until the ninth it almost seemed like he was begging them to try and make the game a challenge, then quickly changing his mind if someone dared reach base. So awesome to watch.

His mad dash off the field had me in stitches. The camera showed him disappearing down the tunnel to the clubhouse, and I said to my mother, "something's going to be broken down there soon." After a performance like that, you'd think the pitcher would take a proud stroll back to the dugout. But not Josh, of course. His response to the dash is hilarious in its "I have no idea why I do what I do"-ness too.

I think it's official at this point, unless Curt starts completely throwin' it down as of today, that Beckett is the ace of this staff.

I'd argue that was "official" a long time ago, or at least there were plenty of signs. It's pretty incredible what a difference a year makes.


Also, seriously Kevin Millar and I are over forever.


I put more of the blame on Tito than you do. Okajima had just gotten an out; if Tito really wanted to give Gagne a chance to redeem himself, why do it in a situation where the game was that close, there was a runner on, and Okajima was pitching fine. If he had at least let Okajima finish the inning maybe it wouldn't have seemed so ridiculous, but as it was, I was watching and I felt the cold hand of defeat on my shoulder the second Francona got to the mound. I admit I don't know a damn thing about baseball management, but when even I can feel an idea is that bad, I'm not usually wrong.

That was just shameful.

Now I am trying to think about--and blog about--happy things. La la la!


Gone-yae. We had a perfect 8/9 tandem and Theo flew too close to the sun on wings of pastrami (w/apologies to George Costanza)

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