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May 08, 2007



Yay, I don't have to feel alone over here! I confess, someone mentioned to me that they found out they had excema and my response was "ooh, like Josh Beckett!" and they were just as amused as my liberalish mother was when she got a pacemaker and everyone told her "ooh, like Dick Cheney!" And I guess I understand, for all the reasons you and everyone else always point out, that he is not the most likable personality, but he is absolutely the guy in our rotation whose starts I am most excited about now.

Also, the sullen routine kind of reminds me of a cousin who I used to think was somehow simultaneously both a brat and a bore, and later turned out to be pretty cool. Said cousin was more of a groundball pitcher, though....


As a fan, I love to win, but good gad, that bio is insane.

This has to be my favorite paragraph (and talk about revealing):

Josh was elated to realize one of his childhood dreams, but also understood he was in excellent bargaining position. Determined to get every last nickel out of the Marlins, he played hardball with the club. Florida initially offered a package that topped out at $4 million. Josh wanted nearly twice that much. The negotiations dragged on through the summer. When August rolled around, Josh enrolled at Blinn Junior College in Texas, and prepared to start his freshman year. The Marlins finally blinked, inking him for four years at $7 million, including a signing bonus of nearly $4 million.


I had a feeling Josh would win you over eventually, if for no other reason than that he's fun to watch on the mound. One of the great things about this season so far, at least to me, has been watching Beckett evolve. There is a palpable difference in the way he carries himself this year--I don't know if it's strictly maturity or an increased comfort level with being in Boston or whatever, but it's very evident. And it's really incredible watching him blossom, though I still wouldn't want to go within ten feet of him on his pitching day; he looks almost homicidal at times when he's sitting there on the bench with that glare. I seriously wonder who would win in a staring contest between Beckett and Papelbon.

That bio is great, too. Thanks for that link!


I really agree with the post - Beckett is so interesting and yet difficult. Last year, watching him shake off Tek's signs, was infuriating. Yet, he was my fav pitcher. This year I am so pleased that others are seeing Josh as our ace.

Will there be issues with Schilling next year if or when Josh wants to become the opening-day guy? Who do you want to have the most opportunities to win?


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