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April 20, 2007


maxwell horse

Definitely the most exciting game of the year so far. I was literally clapping my hands in front of my TV. In fact, I'd be willing to bet a hundred bucks that no matter how this season plays out, when we look back, this game will be in the top five most exciting games. I was so sure the Sox had lost this one, as I have very little faith in the bottom of the order to get any hits.

On the other hand, I was sort of horrified to witness that the Yankees offense really are as fearsome as they're billed to be. I mean, crap--is there anyone in their lineup with a BA below .300? Especially A-Rod, who looks like he's hitting homers without even trying.

Beckett pitching tomorrow. I hope he stays with his current 2007 "strategy," and doesn't revert (because of the heightened atmosphere) back to his bad habits (fastball after fastball) from last year.

Boston Fan in Michigan

// I thought of the celebration that must be going on on the other side of the world in Japan at the same time, the combined forces of the expanded Red Sox Nation lighting up both sides of the Northern Hemisphere//

I love this. I love that this is TRUE, and that, baseball gods willing, this will be true for quite some time yet.

maxwell horse

Two more things:

1) How horrible was the ump behind the plate during this game? It was ridiculous. I know Curt didn't pitch very well, but some of those calls were making it worse than it really was.

2) I love NESN. I love Don and Remy as the Red Sox announcers. In fact, whenever the Sox are shown on Fox or ESPN during weekend games, I realize that literally half of my enjoyment from watching Sox games comes from the way NESN covers them.

But for whatever reason Don and Remy sounded really stiff this game. Not the casual friendly tone they usually have. It was almost like they anticipated this broadcast to have a larger audience so they felt some kind of responsibility to seem more "professional." (Unfortunately in this case "professional" meant they sounded closer to some of the horrible anouncers they have on Fox and ESPN.) It was weird. They sounded about as comfortable as a guy in some movie being forced to wear a wire for the FBI so they can trap the local psychotic mob boss into saying something incriminating.

M. Murphy

Great write-up of a brilliant game. I was thinking of this as Opening Day #3 as well--and definitely the best of the 3. Indeed, it was really the kind of baseball game to reaffirm one's belief that baseball is the most beautiful, dramatic, intense sport imaginable. Suffering, suffering, despair, hope, redemption, victory. You can't beat that. Check out my post on it at
if you have interest.
Glad to stumble upon your blog. I will link to it and check back often.

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