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April 27, 2007



Beth, this post totally cracked me up.

I like the "cubs" analogy. The camera also caught Schill going on and on about something and Beckett was just standing there, hands in his pockets, with that oh-so innocent smirk on his face, like the mischievous child simply humoring his old man. And I found myself really wishing I could've been a fly on the dugout wall right then. Not as cute a moment as the Papi/Pena man hugs (Wily Mo's probably the only guy Ortiz couldn't crush in a man hug, and vice versa), but adorable in its own way.

Papelbon needs a certified nickname. I hear so many around all the blogs and Sox fans can't seem to agree on a good one.


mouse, thanks! i just call him jonathan. some guys just are their first names to me, like derek lowe was. also i can't stop calling beckett joshie even though i know it's prob. kind of annoying. so uh, i guess i'm not the best person to ask about nicknames...


And so, another team win. Sock-Gate in our rear-view mirror, and the Yankees in our sights for another wild weekend.

Plus the best record in Major League Baseball. That's a pretty nice little package.


"*This evidenced by the fact that his gum-chewing, while remaining constant, slowed to a fraction of the pace it had picked up by right around the sixth inning. The gum-chewing is, at times he's not fist-pumping or yelling "fuck", the only indicator of Josh Beckett's mindset."


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