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May 28, 2006


The Couch Potato

Great points regarding both Wells and Foulke! I'm in complete agreement with everything you said.

I get so tired of the seemingly non-stop fat jokes that abound, even in some Sox blogs. The man's pitched in the majors for almost 20 years. Every single comment, joke, pun etc that can possibly be made about his waistline has already been made, so there's nothing original to add. He's fat. Get over it. And if you can't, remember that he's got more career wins than St. Curt and as many championships. That, perhaps, should put things in their proper perspective.

And Foulke? What is his 'crime' other than he tried to pitch while injured and he's not the master of the sound bite? He's definitely more thin-skinned than he should be, especially playing in the hypercritical Boston market, where every fan imagines him or herself to be the ultimate Baseball Savant, but he's handled his current situation with far more aplomb and team spirit than most people give him credit for. He's not in the media, spouting off about being disrespected, or making Kevin "anonymous player" Millar-type comments about lack of playing time and being booed.

Well! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! LOL


I'm not gonna sit here and say (type?) that I'm a huge Keith Foulke fan but I like him. I think he's a good picture and I firmly believe that he should be forgivin for one bad year especially after a year where he did so much for this team. Sure he's had some bad outings this year but talking shit to him isn't gonna help so friggin lay off. I will never understand why Curt gets a free pass but everyone has something negative to say about Foulke but it's just not right.
On David Wells being fat seriously who cares. Being a fat kid myself I have to say you dont have to be thin to be athletic. If you have talent you should be able to play period. I've played softball for years and I'm pretty good not great but good and yea in high school and when you're young catchers tend to be a fat kid but it's not an easy job i caught 10+ games in 9 days ending on thursday and everypart of my body hurts but I still did ok
ok sorry about the rant but seriosuly people should just shut up

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