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April 18, 2006



I'd like to have some input on other players' entrance or at-bat music. I'm sorry, but Youkilis needs and deserves something better than "Jump Around" and Stern can't carry that hip hop he's using. I can't remember what Mohr's is, but I didn't like it either (something very 1993, I feel like). Loretta's at-bat music, on the other hand, I LOVE.


i personally think "jump around" is the best POSSIBLE at-bat music for kevin youkilis. :-)


This is way out from left field, but I think it would kick ass if he used Jimi Hendrix's "Foxey Lady", if only for that opening guitar riff. It's like the opening of "Black Betty"; just gets you all riled up.

Richard Gadsden

Isn't the purpose of the exercise to put batters off their stride?

Something from Berg's Wozzeck would have that effect. Put any human being off their stride.

And it would have all of Fenway looking at each other, going "What in all the levels of Hell was that?". Which is a bonus.


ewww. HATE Wozzeck. HATE.

( Which, I guess makes your point, but still, no.)

Beth the Bassist

On livejournal there's a big upswell for Soul Coughing's "SuperBonBon" BDD is also rooting for this, but I hate Dirt Dogs!

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