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April 14, 2006


David Welch


Call me a party-pooper if you want, but the whole "KEEP THE FAITH" mentality is getting tiring. Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to count on David Ortiz hitting the tying or walk-off HR AT LEAST once per week?!?!? Because sometimes (**GASP**) (shhh, don't tell everyone!) HE DOES NOT COME THRU!

Kind of like the Adam Vinaterri (sp?) deal. Yeah, he was a terrific kicker, but your team is hurting if you have to rely on your kicker to win key games for you time and time again!


you made me feel like I was there, Beth. nice job. (and thanks, since center ice bumped all x-tra innings games last night I didn't even get to see it.)

I agree, David, that there's too much pressure on papi in these situations. That was one of the flaws of last year's team, as he was the only one to come through in the clutch, many a-time. But the stat-heads all say that there is no such thing as a "clutch hitter", that it's totally random from year to year. We have plenty of good mashers on this team, and I'm sure some of them will step up.

But this, what Beth described here, is what Papi loves about playing here- why he wanted so badly to get that extension. He doesn't see it as pressure, but as motivation. likewise I think Curt will train his protegé Josh to love it here for the same reasons.

David Welch

Now, if Curt could train Satan's proteges to NOT SUCK, we would have a well-rounded pitching staff!

The only fucking games Saenez and Tavarez ever have to play in are the ones we lose, er, I mean the ones Clement and Wells START!


since when do we rely on david to hit a walkoff once a week?

no shit he doesn't always come through. i don't think i ever stated otherwise.

i can see your point, david, but it's also the third home game of the freakin' season, ok? guess what? the sox, gasp! don't always win!


ok, so Wells and Tavarez both have some personality traits that make them not-so-likable, but there will be times this year when I think we'll be happy to have that agression on our side. Plus, as Beth mentioned, it's VERY EARLY. All four of these guys have better stuff than they've shown at times so far. Remember, Wells got off to a slow start last year, too, but he won 15 games and in many he looked untouchable.


I hate to admit it, but I turned the game off at the beginning of the 7th inning. Your blog entry just made me really wish I had stuck around to watch the end of it!


i was at the game last night, too, and i stayed and it was totally worth sitting through K after K after K during the middle innings just to see them make it a game, just to see the crowd screaming and cheering youk on - and while yeah, we needed papi to tie up the game, i think it was youk who was really in the pressure situation and who came through beautifully - if he hadn't had that terrific AB, we never would have seen ortiz, never would have had a shot - and we needed the guys on base when youk came up to be there, too. yeah, there's a lot of pressure on ortiz to hit walk-offs or game-tying HRs, but we all know the rest of the lineup has to be there, too, to set the table, or those homers mean nothing.


i totally agree, anne. not just youk but mark loretta also found a way to get on base to bring ortiz up. that should not be overlooked.

Boston Fan in Michigan

See, that crowd, that's the difference between being a member of the Red Sox and, say, a member of the Marlins, where most of the time no one is watching you even when the game starts. I think we're right to worry a teensy bit about how Beckett's gonna deal.

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