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March 12, 2006



Plunking a kid in the head doesn't seem to be a particularly Christian thing to do either. I guess God's interet in Curt's career doesn't extend past bloody socks.

If he is going to hand over credit for all the good in his career to God, I'd like to hear the explination of how drilling a rookie in the head fits into God's plan.


O-kay. Speaking as a Tigers fan who will never forget Runelvys Hernandez throwing at Carlos Guillen's head, or the sound it made or the reports later that he was so dazed during the ensuing brawl he didn't even know what was going on and suffered severe headaches for weeks - I'm done with Schilling. There is no fucking excuse for that ever. You do not throw at someone's head if you have any respect for the game or your opponents or your team or your job. Period. I don't care who you are. I don't care who's at bat. THAT IS NOT EVER OKAY. Off the pedestal with you, Schill, buhbye.

I also can't believe there was no brawl. The Pirates didn't have their guy's back? Nice.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Cat, if it was a regular season game there might've been a brawl. They rarely happen in the spring, if only because half the guys on the field at any given team aren't really on the team, properly speaking.

Beth, I must admit that I'm glad you're clear-headed enough to not be completely irrational over Schilling. There's throwing at a guy, and then there's throwing at a guy's head. It's one thing to whack someone on the thigh, but when you elevate you're doing something inexcusable. Now, I hadn't seen it, obviously, so when I first heard I had assumed it was completely accidental. If it wasn't, well. That just ain't cool.

Boston Fan in Michigan

*at any given TIME

Bloody fingers.


whoa, now, cat. the fact that i find schilling's actions indefensible in this instance does not mean i think he should be "off his pedestal" completely. he and i are not cool at the moment but i'm not going to completely discount him because of this one incident.

sam, it seemed to me like it was deliberate, especially given he's talked about coming inside this year and this was the second guy he's hit in the last few days. however, it has since been pointed out to me that perhaps part of the reason he hasn't tried to "take back the inside of the plate before" is because he can't control it, and this was an example. so i guess opinions remain divided on whether or not he hit the kid in the head on purpose.

however, it is universally agreed upon, at least in the conversations i've had so far, that schilling's remarks afterward were the true asshole move. course, an apology equals a confession, i guess, and so i suppose it's a bit of a grey area. but still.

anyway. i'm not "done with schilling" completely, but i'm not gonna front like he wasn't the asshole in this situation.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Hm. If he can't control the inside of the plate so well, probably he shouldn't be pitching high and inside during spring training anyhow... that's just asking for trouble, innit? I guess if you know you can't control a ball in that zone that's almost as bad as throwing it deliberately at his head.


That's just my reaction, Beth - the Guillen incident cemented for me but good how I feel about pitchers who throw at guys' heads, even revered pitchers on my team. It would be hypocritical of me to revile Hernandez as strongly as I have and let Schilling slide. I'm not going to go so far as to say that everyone should react the same way; that would be silly and kind of repulsive. I am, however, disturbed to see that between all the blogs I read and all the baseball fans on my LJ friendslist, you're the only person to so much as mention the incident (unless I've missed a new post somewhere).

Boston Fan in Michigan

Beth, by the way, have a gander at this. I don't know what he thinks he's doing this spring.

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