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December 06, 2005



I remember what my favorite exchange of the day was.

Dude behind us when Ben Watson did anything:
"All right, Watson!"

Beth: "He must have Ben Watson on his fantasy team."

Me: "I have, um, Tommy and David Givens on my fantasy team."

Beth: "Not THAT kind of fantasy team."

Me: "Heh, okay, both my fantasy teams."

That is way cooler than anything Richard Seymour could say.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Unrepentant photo ho!

*eyes David Givens in cutoff shirt speculatively*

We are so playing that game sometime when I'm in Massachusetts. I can't play it out here, none of my female friends know enough athletes to make it work, and Tigers Fan Kid will only admit to manlove for Joey Harrington.

Also, I like listening to sports radio at home, not because I use it to get opinions, but because I get a good healthy adrenaline rush shooting down Route 1A while screaming my head off at the morons on the radio. It's cathartic, or something.

And don't complain until you've heard Detroit sports radio. At least Boston sports radio is about SPORTS, not the sexual orientation of the quarterback or, and I swear this is true, appliance talk.


richard seymour is still hot though.

and how bout my bengals!!!! wooooohooooo! figures as soon as i leave town they have their first good season since they lost the superbowl to the 49ers.


I agree with what you said about Seymour's comments being a slap in the face to us fans who spend 10hours or more of our time to attend a game. Anyway, few quick comments, I'm getting sick of the WEEI rants as well, if you want good football talk on the ride home, switch to 890, Felger (yes, the douchebag) hosts "The Drive", he had Don Davis on last night, it's a good football show, better than the Big Show (I think Felger is the best Patriots beat writer, even if he is a cheesehead).

As for tailgating, don't know which way you come to the stadium, but if you're coming up from the South, the Lafeyette (sp?) House a mile south on Route 1 is a great place to tailgate, plus you can use the restrooms (a nice warm walk through the bar to get to them)!

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