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October 08, 2005



Uh, check again. Arizona did, in fact, make the postseason in 2002, and, much like the Red Sox, were swept out in the first round. I know that was a long time ago, though.

And ... the Red Sox had "no business being" in the postseason? Really? As defending champs with a whopping $120 million payroll? Well, all right.


thanks for the fact check.

your point?


The points were easy to understaind:

(1) You never look anything up because facts are inconvenient to Red Sox fans like you; and

(2) Considering how much money the Red Sox spent on players, a three-and-out playoff result is inexcusable. Or so you would probably argue if the Yankees or Mets found themselves swept.

Good riddance to the phony, wild-card induced World Championship whiners and their self-absobed fans. The year-long national nightmare is finally over.


you may have a point, but at least i have my own blog to be self-absorbed on. AND the balls to leave my real email address when i go to spew forth bullshit on blogs belonging to other people.

whether or not the Arizona Diamondbacks made the playoffs is secondary to what i was trying to say in this post: call me all the names you want, but as a red sox fan, i'm not gonna entertain you guys--and judging by your comments, i'm going to assume you're yankees fans--any more by tearing my hair out and being miserable. guess what? i'm not unhappy about what the red sox did this season, and no amount of baiting me is gonna change that. so go find someone else to try to get a rise out of. alternatively, you could just worry about how your OWN $230 MILLION team is doing against the angels, given the fact that johnson crashed and burned and you're facing elimination tonight.

and finally--given that this is the first time you've ever visited this blog, how do YOU know what i "never" do?

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