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July 07, 2005


Boston Fan in Michigan




I am a TS Eliot DORK. I DIE in JOY here.

Poor Trotter. Man. What did he think he was doing? 'Tho no matter what you say, you've got to admit, at least the man can 'wear his trousers rolled'. :)


Nice. Glad you like the reference. I worried that it was too pretentious. Eh, maybe it is. But whatever.

Yes, Trot looked as if he could hear the mermaids singing last night.


I missed the 'game' last night, but this more than makes up for it. Thanks, Beth.


I felt so bad for Trot, but what was he thinking? How did that happen?

Anyway, tonight Bron-Bron!


Nice post. I appreciate the Prufrock references.

My friend and I were driving back from Western Mass, listening in on a succession of AM stations till we were in range of WEEI (the call sign of which &mdash did you know? — comes from "Edison Electric Illuminating"), trying desperately to hear through the static and interference from the ignition, with very mixed feelings. On the one hand, speeding through the Massachusetts dusk in a '69 Corvair tuning into the game on AM radio was a marvelously timeless sensation, one that made us feel connected not only to the community of New Englanders doing the same thing — hearing the same broadcast, tiny lights and antennas dotted across the Northeast — but also to past generations of Red Sox fans, reaching all the way back to the Golden Age of Wireless. But, on the other hand, we kept stranding runners on base, the lineup was so unusual it took us forever to figure out who was playing, Trot got picked off second, the rain was coming down ever harder... and we had this sinking feeling that the Orioles, once they had the lead, were going to tough it out through the sixth and then call the game. As we pulled into Cambridge, they were going into a rain delay, and my friend was pounding the steering wheel, shouting, "Bastards!" I trudged upstairs and halfheartedly tuned in to the b-side NESN rain delay programming before giving up entirely.

I didn't get to see the look on Trot's face, but you've described it so clearly here that I'm almost glad I didn't. I like this, though: the imaginative endeavor of listening to the radio broadcast, of hearing others' descriptions of the game. The amazing thing about it is how perfectly clear a picture one can get, if one speaks the language.


extremely insightful comment, there. thanks.

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