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July 05, 2005


Sox Fan in the Heart of the Beast

The ESPN color guy (Rick Sutcliffe, I think) pointed out at the start of the 9th that the truly troubling thing about Foulke's numbers is the amount of extra-base hits he's given up. Then after getting the first out, he proceeded to give up 3 lasers to lose the game.

Amazing how quickly my sense of watching him has changed. It used to be: hang on tight because he's going to make it interesting, but then he's going to pull it out. Now it's: how many batters will it take before this lead becomes a loss?

I have nothing to add to the discussion of the root of his problems, but here's what I keep telling myself: I'm really glad there are a bunch of people much smarter than I am trying to find a solution to the team's bullpen fiasco.


Foulke as Icarus? Sad but true.

And I want to know too. I want to let go, but it's not possible just yet.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Sometimes you HAVE it, I guess, even if just for a short while... then there's some little injury, some little tweak, and it's GONE, for good. I'm thinking The Bird, I guess. I want to be able to say that's what happened to Foulke, he had one magical season, one meant-to-be moment of helping the Red Sox to their World Series victory, and then he never regained that glory again.

But that's obviously a load of bollocks, because he was great from '99 to '04. Last year wasn't a one-shot deal, it was a continuation of an already great career. Fuck knows what's wrong with him now. I suppose it's just a pity it can't be anything so romantic.

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