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July 22, 2005



If this pattern of me not watching and the Red Sox whacking the cover off the ball continues, I might have to enter a prolonged period of abstention. I'd do it, you know. I'd take one for the team.

Idle Friday afternoon philosophical question: if you could make a deal with the Devil which meant that not watching the Sox all season guaranteed them a World Series championship, would you do it?

If the team wins and we're not around to witness it in some way, can we say that they've truly won?

mr. blackandwhite

Interesting question, which makes me ask more questions. Could I cheat and tape the games to watch later? Could I read the stories in the papers or would I have to completely cut myself off from The Nation?

Let me know Lucifer.

(For some reason I've got 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' playing in my head now...)


I think I would agree to the Faustian bargain, Iain, only if the corollary Mr. B and W included is part of the agreement.

I can't believe, however, that this entry doesn't have 1,051 comments given that it includes MIKE TIMLIN IN CAMO GEAR.


HA. I would just like to point out that, after putting up with the Chicago announcers during the ChiSox/Tigers series, I have concluded that they suck. A lot. Like, I'd rather listen to Tim McCarver and Joe Morgan team up for a fourteen-inning game than deal with Hawk and DJ for five minutes. The above excerpt, while tremendously amusing, does not surprise me in the least.


Hate to get all "Alan Alda-ish" but I'm not a big fan of blowing away defenseless animals with rifles from 50 yards away. Even if it is a couple of Sox-dudes that I really admire. I just think there are other activities to blow off steam with. Whatever happened to hot sex when you're not pitching? It worked for Wade Boggs back in the day.


Tim Wakefield is my drill sergeant.

And I love the slightly crazy, completely off-kilter grin on Timlin's face.

"There are those who call me.....Tim?"


For what it's worth, I was thinking along the lines of "no TV, no radio, no taped games, no Web highlights". You could read about their exploits in the paper, period. So, not cut off completely The Nation, but not really part of it, either.


"I can't believe, however, that this entry doesn't have 1,051 comments given that it includes MIKE TIMLIN IN CAMO GEAR."
Only because people haven't been able to be at their computers until now, trust me. I myself have merely this to say: "!!!!!!!"

And I hope NESN replays this at some point after I've figured out how to make my cable box and DVR talk to each other.

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