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April 14, 2005



Here's what I love: I love that Curt is a New Englander now. He knows that we're loud and opinionated and forceful and vociferous and demanding. And he is exactly the same way. He knows that we have opinions, and oftentimes, we're going to profess them, loudly, to anyone who will listen. And sometimes we're talking about him. And he just takes it, nods his head, and goes out there to prove us wrong. Or reaffirm our faith. And when it's all over, he's got an opinion too. Doesn't it feel like he's been "one of us" for decades?


I have a number 38 home jersey.

And I like the fact that's he outspoken and articulate. Frankly I think many of the sportswriters that call him a loudmouth or an attention whore are intimidated/jealous of him.

Boston Fan in Michigan

I love him when he pitches and I love him when he talks about baseball.

I'll leave it at that :)


"When it mattered most, Curt Schilling was accountable in the way few people ever are, let alone athletes--the way heroes are. That's what it's about. Accountability. Responsibility. Get on my back, I'll do it, I'll do whatever it takes."
Couldn't agree more! Very well put!




I love Curt Schilling too, and I also am not afraid to sing his praises to whomever will listen. I was at the game last night and it was so wonderful to watch him come out of the dugout to warm up to the adolation of the Fenway Faithful. Great post!

Savannah's Dad

Curt Schilling is a contemporary member of the Card-Carrying Bad-Asses Club (founding member: Ted Williams). ANYONE who can't appreciate him for what he is...I mean the man is sheer WILL personified...well, frankly, I just don't understand them.

He came right out and said that he came to Boston to beat the Yankees and bring a World Series title to Fenway...and damned if he didn't do it. This isn't a pitcher who misses a start because he has a blister on his finger (oooooooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!); this is a guy who got his foot jerry-rigged and risked (for all anyone -including himself- knew) a career-ending injury and pitched in two of the biggest games Red Sox fans are ever going to experience in their lifetimes...and absolutely kicked ass.

This is probably the one pitcher who could ever win Ted Williams' respect (he who said pitchrs were the dumbest sonsabitches whoever lived)...there's a reason for that. Meditate on it.

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